Reena Shah
Life Skills Facilitator and Coach

“This program has been (literally ) the most mind blowing learning experience. To begin with….I have never known myself better! The awareness, shifts in thoughts and behaviours have set me free of so much unwanted luggage. This experience is even more soul satisfying when I am able to help others experience similar shifts … such simple and sometimes fun-filled ways!”
(After Neoway Coach Program)

Priya Veeraraghavan

“Fell in love with the concept of NLP and I can say without a doubt that it couldn’t have been so if not for Ashlesh and the team. He makes it fun, interesting and easy. Feel at home when I attend each one of Neoway sessions and miss the wonderful, warm and cheerful discussions on every topic . My most unforgettable moments are the tile breaking session in the practitioner and the language game in the master practitioner program. A special thanks to Ashlesh who makes even heavy discussions just settle in well. Don’t remember yawning in any session and don’t remember groaning either 😉 Do remember the sulk though, when Ashlesh said ‘so long until we meet again’. Must say I see the world as a much better place to live in after NLP :)”

P.M. Savitha

“I went to Neoway with a purpose to help others but the most surprising fact was that I got benefited first. The Trainer. Mr. Ashlesh T Rao’s procedures helped me to clear my emotional blocks that paved the way to handle situations well, realize the potential that an individual possesses to achieve ones goals and bring an awareness that dreams can be achieved- I keep benefiting from his training as its influence is everlasting-A heartfelt thanks to Mr.Ashlesh.”

Sree Advani
Sports Psychologist and Mind Coach

Neoway Academy has helped me tremendously in my career. They are a fun bunch and make training really exciting. I have also got my family and friends to participate in various Neoway initiatives. I’m back with them for my Master Practitioner course in NLP.”

Gauri Hardikar
Life Skills Trainer & Counselor; Prof. K K College of Education, Mumbai.

“I took the decision to participate in the NLP Practitioner’s course,
​conducted by the Neoway team by travelling to Bangalore from Mumbai as a friend had recommended the course highly. After participating in the NLP Practitioner’s Course facilitated by Ashlesh, I now believe that NLP is as magical as I had heard it to be. But its not only NLP that can transform, its the way the learning experience is handled. And for me, Ashlesh, you facilitated it par excellence. It was just the right balance of theory, experiential learning and sharing by the participants. What I appreciated the most was your deep understanding, not only about the concept but also about conveying it in a way that the participants can grasp and apply it in their own lives in such a short time,your openness and expertise to deal with every query/sharing, and the demos, the questioning/prompting/cues – just right to get people to experience that flash of insight which is so valuable for self growth.And the crucial element of fun, so effortlessly interwoven into the program! Truly, the masterful facilitation had me completely mesmerized! The program was invaluable for me, as a learner,facilitator and counselor.The learning and the insights continue, long after its over, as I practice all that I gained to help myself, my teacher trainees as well as my counseling clients.Your continued support in the process drives me to try out new strategies.Its my own as well as my clients’ feedback which motivates me to come back to Bangalore to do the Master Practitioner’s Program.
Thanks a ton… for everything.”

Pankaj Advani
7-time World Champion in Billiards & Snooker and an Asian Games Gold-Medallist. Recipient of the PadmaShree and the Khel Ratna Awards.

“I attended an NLP program with Neoway and spent quality time with Ashlesh. He is a terrific sports coach and helped me a great deal in bringing out my best performance. More than that, he has done wonders to my self-belief.”

Varsha Jagdish
German Language Trainer

“Neoway’s Accelerated Learning Programme has really accelerated my ability to grasp, retain, present and teach any given topic. Neoway’s committed and fun to work with team made it easy for me to understand ALP concepts. This technique is a very useful tool for any teacher. KEEP IT GOING NEOWAY!!!!”

Balachandran Kamath
Principal, ​Akshaya PU College and Akshaya College of Science and Management Studies.

“I was working in IT Industry from 2004 to 2011. In 2011 I felt that something was missing in my life and decided to quit IT Industry. After quitting IT Industry, was not knowing what to do next in my life and where to go in life. I was about to go to a state of depression but at the right time i came to know about NLP and Neoway Academy. I did my NLP Practitioner course somewhere in April 2012 if I am correct. NLP Practitioner Course  i.e. 1st Level which I did from Neoway changed the perspective towards life and has been helping me a lot even today in my day to day life to stay cool and happy. Over the last 5 years lot of changes have happened in my personal and professional life only due to NLP. I am so happy that Neoway has been a part of my life. I have attended a lot of Graduate Meets which are rich in learning and fun. I am looking forward to complete my Master Practitioners in August and November this year.
Ashlesh is a great trainer and facilitator. I am so lucky that I am a student of Ashlesh and will always remain a student of Ashlesh when it comes to NLP. Most important is that Ashlesh is a very nice and simple person. Thanks Ashlesh for being a part of my life. I look forward for a long term relationship between us.


Mandeep Kataria
Business Owner

“My association with Neoway Academy began in the year 2005, while i was a student of Business Management. Here’s when, for the first time i was introduced to NLP and its Amazing Benefits.
I was keen on developing my skills in Communication and Public Speaking since I felt it was something i struggled with and also would help me during college and in the long run.
In a matter of a few impactful sessions, conducted by Ashlesh I was able to completely transform my Beliefs and Skills. I remember, to my surprise, I was able to address a group of over 200 people very comfortably and successfully in less than a month. Due to this single change newer opportunities have come my way and today the nature of my work requires me to make presentations almost everyday and I do so comfortably, Thanks to those Coaching Sessions.
Since then, for 8-9 years now, I have attended several Programmes conducted by Neoway Academy such as the BreakingThrough, NLP Practitioner Program and I have had the opportunity to Learn from Ashlesh and Monica through several Coaching Sessions and lengthy Informal conversations.
Their powerful understanding of the human mind/ behavior, a very Fun and Fresh approach to things along with their deep commitment to Make a positive difference makes them very powerful coaches, mentors and well wishers.
This has helped me in several areas of my life- improving my personal relationships, being able to quit my job at Goldman Sachs to start and grow my own business and also being able to successfully overcome several personal and professional challenges during the course of these years. I continue to consult them and take their support on all important matters and future projects.
I have found great joy in recommending them and their work to Family and Friends who have also immensely benefitted from their really powerful and amazing work.”

Deborah, Neoway Academy, NLP Bangalore, NLP India
Deborah Parwani
​Director Learning Bridges Services

They say, “God sends you guardian angels in many forms and when you really need help!”
I met one such angel (Ash) and his team when I just about hit rock bottom. Normally a carefree and happy go lucky person, I was going through a phase when I lost faith in love, life and what it has to offer. I had lost faith in humanity and men in particular. Self-respect no longer existed.
In 2009, I got an opportunity to attend the NLP Practitioner’s and Master Practitioner’s program being conducted by Neoway. It was one of the best decisions of my life; it brought me back to life.
With the utmost love and respect I renamed him, Papa Bear, that’ who he became to me. A selfless master, who lives and leads by being an awesome example himself. As a coach and facilitator, Ash helped me heal and deal with much insecurity I had grown to nurture through all the let down and hurt.
He helped me break through my own barriers and create space for a beautiful future, one which I now live and experience almost every day. He helped me learn and practice how I didn’t have to be stuck; I had options and the way to these options started with my mind and my thoughts. The power of words! Wow, an eye opener! I have learnt to watch my words; I changed my Generalizations, which turned my world into a new version. In adapting and effectively using Meta models, I soon became the owner and driver of my state.
Though it hasn’t made me a super human, it has rekindled hope, love and self-respect in my life, helping me deal with situations in a favourable manner. NLP with Ash and his team gave me my husband, freedom, a bigger heart, a richer and contented life. I love myself!
If you’re reading this, chances are you are on the fence and not sure whether to believe your eyes or give it a try.
Seeing is believing! Hearing is believing! Experiencing is believing! Welcome Ash and his team into your life and enjoy the revised and better version of you!