Payal Talwar
NLP Life and Performance Coach, Co-Founder - Wingsteam
Manjiri Jawadekar
NLP Life and Executive Coach, Reivent Coaching and Consulting
Namrata Seetharam
Senior HR Professional, Life and Performance Coach

Neoway has been part of my life for last 4 years. In the year 2015, I pursued the NLP Practitioner program. Post that, I pursued the NLP Life and Performance Coach program in the year 2016, followed by the NLP Master Practitioner program in the year 2017.

With every program that I pursued with Neoway, I experienced clarity, I fearlessly moved forward, took a giant leap towards a bright, successful, and a satisfying future. I also found my grounding – who I am, the reason for my being and became more aware of myself and my surroundings.

Here, I want to especially mention the NLP Master Practitioner Program. As mentioned earlier, I pursued this program in the year 2017. After the program, I started experiencing an alignment within me (in a particular area of my life). My feelings, my thoughts and my action started aligning, rather the program made me aware that there was a non-alignment and thus I started working to seek better alignment within me.

It is during this process I discovered that I had a medical condition
that had gone unnoticed for years probably 2 decades. Today, it has not only been diagnosed but also in the process of getting cured/ fixed.
The program ‘Redesign your life’, completely ‘Redesigned My Life’. I experienced a complete transformation.

Thank you Ashlesh, Monica and the entire Neoway team for being part of my life.

The fact that you are reading this post means that you are interested in NLP and Coaching. If that is true, then I would highly, highly recommend that you pursue the NLP and Coaching skills from Neoway.

Suvarchala Narayan
Monica Abrol
Nitin Mascreen
Corporate Trainer & Runs a Music School
Prachi Mayekar
Life Coach, Personal Counsellor, and Freelance Voice Artist

A lot of shifts occurred in this course and Ashlesh’s constant watching over made sure they were in the
right direction!

I stumbled upon things about myself, I didn’t know still existed, and I was surprised to learn some things about me that I didn’t know I was capable of 🙂

Like a true Master, Ashlesh knows all the rules and also goes way beyond them when the need arises!
Learning from him and being ‘counselled’ by him personally, I feel blessed.

Its like you all were conspiring to introduce me to my life’s purpose and that too while you guys were busy making a Master out of me.

(After NLP Master Practitioner Program)

IT Consultant

I am much more content with my life now. Rather than expecting from others to make me feel good, I remind myself that its in my hand to react/respond. I am no longer harsh in expecting too much out of me. Instead, after this course “I love and accept of myself’ 🙂 Thank you so much for conducting this course and also shaping lives of people like me :).

Before master practitioner program I was lost . My parents, husband and friends were disappointed . Things in my life didn’t seem any better . The communication I had with myself wasn’t empowering. They seem to have given up on me . I felt I was never appreciated for what I did . However, when people appreciated me, I felt valued. This is right way to live my life I thought. An inner voice said, You must resolve this issue. When will I take charge of my life? I thought 🙁

So I enrolled for Master Practitioner course with Neoway.

“Can you imagine creating your life as a painting on a canvas with the colors of your choice and with your own 2 hands?”, Ashlesh asked on the second last day of my course.

It was as if the white board was speaking the words (Paint/ Create) to me. I am now ready to create . The past happened. Things did change . In this course I was gaining new insights. From “I should care about what others tell or think about me ” I changed to “I can be more happy doing this “. Every time I felt unappreciated, I reminded myself that I gave my best shot. I am looking back at my life, Life is good. Being at your course meant that I could create my life . I now feel at each level of my
life, I can create more. Many months ago, I took the master practitioner course and learnt many useful things as well as more about me. I cherished all your teachings.

The message I took back for myself “Life is easy to create than living it and it can be fun too if one wishes it to be”

(After NLP Master Practitioner Program)

Gauri Hardikar
Life Skills Trainer, Counselor & Professor, Mumbai

“For me, watching the demos, listening to the experiences being shared by Ashlesh in the videos is a starting point for reflections, and sharing this with the group, as well as learning from them on the call, helps me to gain new insights, and implement new ideas for helping my clients. ”
(After Neoway Coach Program)

Janardhan Ananth
Quality Specialist and Lean Sigma Black Belt

“The ‘WHAT’ of NLP to ‘HOW’ of NLP is the value proposition for me in this program. Theory gets converted into a specific action-able skill in the journey. Being a Coach, I experienced emotional, physical, intellectual and financial freedom for myself and for the people I worked with.”
(After Neoway Coach Program)