Neoway Coach Program

Starting July 27th, 2019


 A unique handcrafted experience of well thought of interactive sessions.

Pre-requiste: One has to have completed the NLP Practitioner Certification Program.

​This intensive Neoway Coach Program has been handcrafted by us for those who are interested in becoming a Life & Performance Coach. The program has been designed to help you have a multi layered learning experience. It involves

  • 25 Modules of Online Video Learning
  • 25 Weekly Online Coaching Calls of 90 minutes each
  • Weekly Assignments
  • 8 Day Residential Workshop

The Program integrates the powerful tools and methods of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching. The intention of the program is to develop highly skilled coaches who work powerfully with people helping them create the lives that they truly want and help them produce extraordinary results in their lives.

Once one has completed the course, you will be certified by Neoway as a Neoway Life & Performance Coach.

Neoway Academy, NLP Coaching
Coaching is essentially about bringing out the best in another. It is about helping someone to achieve a goal that they want. That goal could be a result, it could be a behaviour that the client wants to change or learn, it could be helping the client feel differently about something or a change in thinking or mindset. The job of the Coach is not to provide answers or solutions but to help their client to identify their own resources, answers and solutions.
"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential ​to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” TIMOTHY GALLWEY
  • You love working with people and passionate about bringing the best in them.
  • You have a strong desire to help people produce powerful results in their work, personal and other areas of their life.
  • You want to become an excellent coach and develop strong Coaching and NLP skills.
  • You want to start your journey as a Coach in addition to the work that you are already doing.
  • You already play the role of a teacher, manager, team leader, counselor and want to develop Coaching skills.
  • You want to take your coaching skills to the next level. 
Once one has completed the course, you will be certified by Neoway as a Neoway Life & Performance Coach.
Program Starts: July 27th, 2019
Course Fee: Rs. 125,000 + 18% GST

PROGRAM FEE : INR 92,000+ 18% GST = INR 108,560


Program Content

  • Introduction to Coaching and NLP.
  • The Key Mindset and Operating Principles for Coaching.
  •  The Core Coaching Skills.
  • How to Setup and Structure your Coaching Sessions.
  • Tapping into both the Conscious and Unconscious mind for Coaching clients.
  • Using metaphors and stories to create deep change.
  • Using NLP processes for behaviour change.
  • Enhance and develop your ability to be aware of unconscious shifts in people’s responses.
  • How to connect and build rapport with your client.
  • Help clients deal with and resolve unpleasant memories.
  • Work with your clients in helping them create Well formed outcomes.
  • Help your clients identify and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and create more empowering beliefs.
  • Work with clients in generating learning New Behaviours and Skills.
  • Help client’s resolve conflicts with others and build better relationships.
  • Learn to identify the limitations in the client’s language as they speak and help them use language that truly helps them.
  • The art of asking incisive questions.
  • Use the power of Anchoring to help client’s access States of Excellence and power.
  • How to help your client move from being stuck to experiencing freedom using the power of Reframing.
  • Help your clients enhance their Self Esteem and Self Image.
  • Identify the different levels of change and learn to use the logical levels to identify blocks and challenges.
  • Go Deeper and work on helping your client be clear of their values and help them live in accordance with their values.

Program Facilitator

ASHLESH RAO is a Certified NLP Master Trainer, Master Practitioner and Sports & Performance Specialist. He is also a licensed NLP Business Coach from  the Society of NLP.
He has been trained personally by NLP Master Trainer-Owen Fitzpatrick, Dr. Richard McHugh,
Dr. William Horton, HAL Management Academy and was part of Tony Robbins’ FIRE WALK SEMINAR.

Apart from coaching individuals and organizations, Ashlesh also leads innovative, fun, creative workshops for teachers, managers, children and groups, assisting people discover what they truly want, moving to the next level and being happy.

Since 2002, Ashlesh has been working with individuals, children, professionals, homemakers and sportspersons at the State, National and International level in producing breakthrough results. He has trained and certified thousands of NLP Practitioners and hundreds of NLP Master Practitioners. He has also empowered hundreds of coaches to master NLP and use it to empower their clients.


Reena, Neoway Academy, NLP Bangalore


“This program has been (literally ) the most mind blowing learning experience. To begin with….I have never known myself better! The awareness, shifts in thoughts and behaviours have set me free of so much unwanted luggage. This experience is even more soul satisfying when I am able to help others experience similar shifts … such simple and sometimes fun-filled ways!”

Reena Shah
Life Skills Facilitator & Coach



“For me, watching the demos, listening to the experiences being shared by Ashlesh in the videos is a starting point
for reflections, and sharing this with the group, as well as learning from them on the call, helps me to gain new
insights, and implement new ideas for helping my clients. “

Gauri Hardikar
Life Skills Trainer, Counselor & Professor