Ashlesh Rao, Neoway Academy, NLP


Founder & Managing Partner

Ashlesh is a Certified NLP Master Trainer, Master Practitioner, Sports & Performance Coach and the Co-Founder of Neoway Academy.

He is a Certified Sports and Performance Coach and a Licensed Business Coach from the Society of NLP.
Ashlesh has been conducting NLP certification programs for over 15 years now. He has certified thousands of NLP Practitioners and hundreds of NLP Master Practitioners.

Apart from certification programs, Ashlesh also leads programs for children and nlp based programs for schools, corporates.

Ashlesh loves working with individuals, children, professionals and sportspersons and is passionate about assisting people discover what they truly want, moving to the next level and being happy.
He has worked with and works with some of India's best sportspersons at the State, National and International level in being able to produce breakthrough results.

He is currently mentoring coaches in becoming the best coaches that they can be.

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Founder & Managing Partner

Monica is an Accelerated Learning Skills Coach, a Certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Neoway Academy.

Monica loves working with children and works with children and students in enabling them to develop their learning skills and experience Learning as a Joy. She also coaches individuals and students in different areas of their life and empower them to live their life with joy & freedom.

Monica integrates NLP and Accelerated Learn Skills to help children develop their brain efficiency and skills.
​She conducts the Neokids & Neoteens Learning Excellence programs & the Neokids & Neoteens Personal Excellence Programs. She also conducts Accelerated Learning Programs for Adults and the Accelerated Learning Skills Coach Program for coaches interested in working with students.

She is best known for her gentle, caring and creative approach while working with children and individuals.

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Monica Thimmaji, Neoway Academy, NLP Bangalore, NLP India


Shravana is a certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and an Accelerated Learning Skills Coach.
A qualified architect, she has worked at different firms, ultimately realising her self-expression as a teacher. She then worked as a college lecturer for 5 yrs, doing multiple courses simultaneously to explore different fields. All this was before she discovered her passion for working with children!
Shravana is an Accelerated Learning Skills Coach and loves working with children.
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Sunitha Ramadurai, Neoway Academy, NLP Bangalore, NLP India


Former code puncher and geek, recently separated from IT (very amicably of course), I am now in a long term relationship with Coaching and Life - still a geek though. I would like to think that I am tanked up with a spirit that has made itself a nice cozy home in me, and I am in it for the ride!

A Neoway NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, I am willingly obsessed with unearthing the mysteries of the mind and beyond and I get all fired up with the idea of giving peoples lives and the world around a makeover in any which way possible - with permission of course! 

If our paths ever cross ways, I would love for you to leave feeling fuller and richer and more alive from within.


Raju has been working with Neoway since 2002 and is known for his boundless, infectious energy. As one of our friends mentioned, “When I see him work, I feel like taking another broom and doing work!” Such is Raju’s energy. 

A big Rajanikanth fan, he is truly “NLP in Action”. Mind it!
Meet him and you’ll know what we are talking about!