NEOWAY NLP COACH PROGRAM - Starting Jan 22nd, 2022

9:00 am - 1:00 pm | Online

The Neoway Coach Program is a 8 month intensive online program that has been handcrafted by us for those who are interested in becoming an NLP Coach.

The Program integrates the powerful tools and methodology of NLP and Coaching. The intention of the program is to develop highly skilled NLP coaches who are able to work powerfully with people supporting them to make changes not only at the conscious level but at a deeper unconscious level. In being able to do so coaches are trained to partner in creating transformational experiences for their clients which enables clients to  produce extraordinary results and live the life they truly want.


Do watch this video of an interview with Ashlesh to know more about Coaching with NLP


" I was not sure whether I would be joining the NLP Coaching Program – and I’m so glad I did. It is the best course I have done in my life. I find it exciting, challenging, and completely immersive. The course is rigorous and it doesn’t offer quick win formulas for overnight coaching success. It offers something so much more valuable. Ashlesh is an excellent instructor-facilitator and master of coaching and NLP techniques. More importantly, he is a true guru, who inspires me with the love of learning, the love of the craft, commitment to serve the client, to seek my own truth, find my own style... I believe I’m learning so much about coaching just by observing the person he is. If you are his student or client, he will be your greatest cheerleader who will go many extra miles to bring out the best in you.
Service before Sales, Honour before Hustle, and People before Profits. Thank you Ashlesh and Monica – you are transforming so many lives in so many ways. Keep on inspiring!!! "

Nirmala Ramachandra
Coach/ Storyteller



NLP has grown out of the study of the mental processes of those who can do something exceptionally well, or who have completely overcome some difficult or challenging situation. Most of us grew up thinking that exceptional skills were  a result of inborn abilities, traits or talents. However NLP demonstrates that by thinking about our abilities as learned skills, we can learn any skill we want  by  modelling excellence i.e. by doing the same mental processes as some one  excellent in the skill we want to learn.