Are you looking for a powerful approach and philosophy for self improvement and self growth?

Do you want to understand how our mind works and how we can program it for success and our well being?

Do you want to be a coach, or a trainer or work with others using an amazing transformational methodology?

Discover and learn NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming , the Art & Science of Excellence … learn HOW top achievers think, feel and behave and develop a success mindset.

Learning NLP can help you create exceptional results and breakthroughs in all aspects of your life … your physical, emotional and spiritual well being, in your relationships, in achieving your goals, in communicating more effectively, in being able to make better decisions, in being the best you can and in creating and living the life you truly want.

With NLP you can also powerfully influence people as a coach, as a trainer, as a manager, as an executive, as an organisation head, as a teachers or as a parent.

As they say “Success is not by chance but by choice.”

Invest in yourself and experience the magic and power of NLP.

Neoway Academy, NLP Bangalore, NLP India

Established in 2002, Neoway is an NLP Learning, Coaching and Training organization committed to empowering people to live an extraordinary quality of life.


“Our vision is to create a world where people are happier and free and living life with utmost joy & freedom. We are committed to producing quality nlp practitioners, nlp master practitioners and coaches who are highly skilled and truly want to make a difference in the lives of people around them & their clients.”



Watch videos of program clippings from our NLP Practitioner Certification Program.


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"The best decision I have ever made in my life is to sign up for the NLP practitioners course at Neoway Academy, Blore, India. It was way back in 2009. The programme changed the course and quality of my life. I learned to be calm, positive, happy, and aware of myself and the surroundings with more precision. I then decided to do the Masters with Neoway. It really brought the best out of me. I learned to heal my body, mind and soul and I noticed a new person emerging. Today, I use NLP in all spheres of my life. I have healed my physical problems and continue to do so. All this has been possible because of NLP and the master magician behind it, Ashlesh. Neoway has a great team and my journey with them has been wonderful. I would say, Go for it guys ."

Geetha Rao
Director - ​SanGun Training & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
This program has been (literally ) the most mind blowing learning experience. To begin with….I have never known myself better! The awareness, shifts in thoughts and behaviours have set me free of so much unwanted luggage. This experience is even more soul satisfying when I am able to help others experience similar shifts … such simple and sometimes fun-filled ways!”

Reena Shah
Life Skills Facilitator and Coach
“I attended an NLP program with Neoway and spent quality time with Ashlesh. He is a terrific sports coach and helped me a great deal in bringing out my best performance. More than that, he has done wonders to my self-belief.”

Pankaj Advani
7-time World Champion in Billiards & Snooker and an Asian Games Gold-Medallist. Recipient of the PadmaShree and the Khel Ratna Awards.