NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program

Module 1 - Redesign Your Life: 20 - 25 April, 2019
Module 2 - Masterful Communication: 3 - 8 August, 2019

Module 1: Redesign Your Life

In this powerful module, you will understand the deeper forces that influences you and your behaviours. You will literally Redesign Your Life the way that you want.

This program is a 6 day intense exploration and creation of your most powerful self. You will discover and learn how our experience of life and the actions that we take are determined by our core beliefs, values, identity and purpose. When there is a lack of understanding of these forces, we begin to experience inner conflicts, frustrations and blocks. In this workshop, you will discover what you need to achieve your highest values and then develop a powerful process for aligning your beliefs, values and identity that naturally pulls you in the direction of your future and purpose.


  • Discover the deeper forces that influences you
  • Work on your moving towards and moving away values and also on the hierarchy of values and how it impacts your life
  • Explore your core values and beliefs
  • Do deep work on your rules or beliefs
  • Transform your meanings and your inner world
  • Use powerful metaphors to create internal change
  • Reinvent yourself and align yourself with your purpose
  • Discover your timeline and the power of your timeline
  • Learn to use timeline to be free from the past
  • Learn and align using the Logical Levels of Change
  • Create a compelling future
  • Learn to work at deeper levels with others
Program Dates : 20 - 25 April, 2019
Program Timings : 9 am - 6 pm
Program fee for module : INR 45,000 + 18% GST

Module 2: Masterful Communication

In this exciting module, you will learn to be a more effective communicator and powerfully make a difference to others by using language patterns.

By learning about Meta Programs, you will learn and start noticing the Unconscious Filters that run your’s and other people’s behaviours. You will understand the key elements that motivates people and learn to use them. With the Meta Model, you will learn to ask questions that helps one have more clarity and and help change limiting beliefs. With the Milton Model, you will learn to powerfully create change in others, through the art of storytelling, metaphors and conversational hypnosis.

You will learn what the Best Communicators and Influencers naturally do with the exquisite use of Language - while powerfully and easily generating change in others.



  • Learn the Meta Model
  • Explore the Milton Model (In a MAD way.. )
  • Communicate to the other’s subconscious mind (Ethically)
  • Learn conversational hypnosis
  • Be an engaging story teller!
  • Explore your unconscious mental filters
  • Identify people’s unconscious patterns
  • Learn to profile patterns using Meta Programs
  • Learn what triggers motivation
  • Discover what maintains motivation
  • Ask questions that make a difference
  • ​​
  • Learn to write scrpits using Language patterns
  • Unlock your ability to communicate freely and effectively
Program Dates : 3 - 8 August, 2019
Program Timings : 9 am - 6 pm
Program fee for module : INR 45,000 + 18% GST

Completion of both the Workshops results in the Completion of the Neoway NLP Master Practitioner Program . Upon completion of both the workshops, one can apply to be Certified by NFNLP, USA, as an NLP Master Practitioner for an additional fee of INR 3800/-.


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“I am much more content with my life now. Rather than expecting from others to make me feel good, I remind myself that its in my hand to react/respond. I am no longer harsh in expecting too much out of me. Instead, after this course “I love and accept of myself’ 🙂 Thank you so much for conducting this course and also shaping lives of people like me :).

Before master practitioner program I was lost . My parents, husband and friends were disappointed . Things in my life didn’t seem any better . The communication I had with myself wasn’t empowering. They seem to have given up on me . I felt I was never appreciated for what I did . However, when people appreciated me, I felt valued. This is right way to live my life I thought. An inner voice said, You must resolve this issue. When will I take charge of my life? I thought 🙁
So I enrolled for Master Practitioner course with Neoway.

“Can you imagine creating your life as a painting on a canvas with the colors of your choice and with your own 2 hands?”, Ashlesh asked on the second last day of my course.
It was as if the white board was speaking the words (Paint/ Create) to me. I am now ready to create . The past happened. Things did change . In this course I was gaining new insights. From “I should care about what others tell or think about me ” I changed to “I can be more happy doing this “. Every time I felt unappreciated, I reminded myself that I gave my best shot. I am looking back at my life, Life is good. Being at your course meant that I could create my life . I now feel at each level of my life, I can create more. Many months ago, I took the master practitioner course and learnt many useful things as well as more about me. I cherished all your teachings. The message I took back for myself “Life is easy to create than living it and it can be fun too if one wishes it to be“

IT Consultant

"I completed my NLP Master's certification in 2017 batch at Neoway. And it indeed has been the best decision I have ever made. While "Redesign your life" brought a complete paradigm shift in my life, helping me create a purpose in life with the clarity I never had before; "Masterful Communication" gave me life skills which in turn took my coaching skills to a completely different level. I have added a lot to my life and have been able to contribute to lives of others greatly too.

This testimony is not complete without sharing how much I love Neoway, for Ashlesh and Monica and the way they make learning completely personal to us. It's not just the skills and concepts you get to learn, it's a complete experience that you walk away with, an empowering anchor! for life!

Love you Neoway "

Punam Bharadwaj
Sr. Manager- Organisation Development and Leadership Coach at, Bangalore