Namrata Seetharam
Senior HR Professional, Life and Performance Coach
Neoway redesigned my life

Neoway has been part of my life for last 4 years. In the year 2015, I pursued the NLP Practitioner program. Post that, I pursued the NLP Life and Performance Coach program in the year 2016, followed by the NLP Master Practitioner program in the year 2017.

With every program that I pursued with Neoway, I experienced clarity, I fearlessly moved forward, took a giant leap towards a bright, successful, and a satisfying future. I also found my grounding – who I am, the reason for my being and became more aware of myself and my surroundings.

Here, I want to especially mention the NLP Master Practitioner Program. As mentioned earlier, I pursued this program in the year 2017. After the program, I started experiencing an alignment within me (in a particular area of my life). My feelings, my thoughts and my action started aligning, rather the program made me aware that there was a non-alignment and thus I started working to seek better alignment within me.

It is during this process I discovered that I had a medical condition
that had gone unnoticed for years probably 2 decades. Today, it has not only been diagnosed but also in the process of getting cured/ fixed.
The program ‘Redesign your life’, completely ‘Redesigned My Life’. I experienced a complete transformation.

Thank you Ashlesh, Monica and the entire Neoway team for being part of my life.

The fact that you are reading this post means that you are interested in NLP and Coaching. If that is true, then I would highly, highly recommend that you pursue the NLP and Coaching skills from Neoway.