28 Sept - 04 Oct 2019, Bengaluru
18 Jan - 24 Jan 2020, Bengaluru

The Neoway NLP Practitioner Certification Program is a 7 day life transforming nlp certification program that Ashlesh has been conducting for over 15years. It is designed to enable participants to fully understand and practice the skills of NLP in their professional and work situations as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement. Participants learn to use NLP in their life and to work with others.


The NLP Practitioner Certification Program is essential for anyone serious about truly fulfilling her or his potential. People all over the world undergo training in NLP to give them the required edge. You may be an executive, student, businessperson or a homemaker. It will benefit everyone from a recent graduate to a top executive, irrespective of profession or discipline.


  • Experience DRAMATIC, POSITIVE CHANGES in the way you think, feel and act.
  • Access being your BEST  IN MOST SITUATIONS.
  • See and hear more efficiently as you ENHANCE YOUR SENSORY ACUITY.
  • Accelerate your ability to LEARN RAPIDLY.
  • Remove the emotional charge and BE FREE from unpleasant memories.
  • BREAKTHROUGH limiting beliefs and fears.
  • RESOLVE inner conflict.
  • Create clear and empowering GOALS.
  • Design the LIFE YOU WANT.


Program Content
Sensory Acuity

Tune up your senses and enable yourself to see, hear and feel much more of the world around you. You will be truly amazed with the information you are able to access.

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

Understand the difference between the working of the conscious and unconscious mind and learn to tap into your powerful Unconscious.​

Emotional State Control

Learn the two most powerful distinctions of our thoughts and instantly take control of your emotional state.

​Representational Systems

Naturally align yourself with the thinking preferences of your colleagues and people around you so that your levels of persuasion and influence can be dramatically improved!

Building Rapport

Learn to connect and build Rapport with others at a Deeper level.

New Behaviour Generator

Discover what gifted learners do inside their mind to learn rapidly and learn how you can accelerate your ability to learn and replicate successful behaviours.

​Strategies of Excellence

Unveil the specific mental strategies that you and others use to make better decisions, create more powerful feelings, get motivated and replicate these processes when you desire. ​​

Understanding Language

The way we use words and language has a tremendous impact on our thinking. Learn the key distinctions in your language and make an enormous difference in not only your own performance but also the performance of others.

Perceptual Positions

Learn the keys to developing different points of view and understand how to negotiate better, plan better and resolve conflicts at work and in personal relationships.


Instantly access powerful resources and make yourself and others radiate with confidence before that all important meeting or presentation.


Quickly restructure your thoughts and be free from disempowering memories and fears and create motivation towards the goals you want.

Belief Change

You will understand the immense impact that our beliefs have on our behaviors and learn how to reprogram yourself with new attitudes and behaviors and naturally move towards a more fulfilling and powerful future.

Well Formed Outcomes

Discover the key factors that when you use to create your goals and outcomes, will have you naturally moving towards it.

... and a lot more


Program Dates28 Sept - 04 Oct, 2019
18 Jan  -  24 Jan, 2020
Program VenueHotel Southern Star, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Program Timing9am to 6pm
Program FeeINR 40,000 + 18% GST
Certification FeeAn additional fee of INR 3800 for NFNLP, USA Certificate.
Total FeeINR 51000


The Net Course Fee includes
1. Training Program for 7 days
2. Extensive Course Manual
3. Lunch and two time tea/coffee for the 7 days
4. 30 days NLP in Action videos & Whatsapp group support to practice the skills after the program
5. Certificate from NFNLP,USA and GST

Early Bird Offers

For September 2019 Program
Register by July 20, 2019

Program Fee: INR 29,500 + 18% GST + INR 3800 (Certificate) = INR 38,610

For Jan 2020 Program
Register by July 31, 2019

Program Fee: INR 26,500 + 18% GST + INR 3800 (Certificate) = INR 35,070

Upon successful completion of this course, one will be certified by the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, (NFNLP) USA as a "Basic Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming".

“I attended the Neoway Practitioner Program with Ashlesh and his team. The program was an exceptionally intense experience in exploring my inner strengths and power. By the time, I completed the training I had discovered more about myself in 7 days than I knew in my entire life. The outcomes of the training and the results since continue to amaze me day on day in both my personal and professional life. I now truly believe that anything is possible for me. Thanks Neoway for the huge difference you have made to my life.”

Rachel Mendonca
Executive Coach


“The best decision I have ever made in my life is to sign up for the NLP practitioners course at Neoway Academy, Blore, India. It was way back in 2009. The programme changed the course and quality of my life. I learned to be calm, positive, happy, and aware of myself and the surroundings with more precision. I then decided to do the Masters with Neoway. It really brought the best out of me. I learned to heal my body, mind and soul and I noticed a new person emerging. Today, I use NLP in all spheres of my life. I have healed my physical problems and continue to do so. All this has been possible because of NLP and the master magician behind it, Ashlesh. Neoway has a great team and my journey with them has been wonderful.
I would say, Go for it guys .”

Geetha Rao
Director – ​SanGun Training & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.